Adult Pro Tip: Gift Wrapping Alternative

This holiday season, it is time to wrap gifts! While it isn’t exactly easy to explain wrapping gifts with words and no pictures, I can give you another great option for gift giving:


Ah yes, festive holiday bags are the best because, not only do they come with build in handles for optimal travel purposes, but they are also reusable so you are being environmentally friendly!

You’ll need two things: a bag that will comfortably fit the present and tissue paper.

The tissue paper should somewhat match the bag. To do this find a color on the bag and then find tissue paper that is the same color. Easy peasy.

To make your gift bag you’ll want to put a layer of tissue in the bag, then the present, and then another sheet of tissue paper on top of the gift (you don’t want them to be able to peek inside and see the gift!)

There you go. Bagging gifts is the best way around wrapping!

Here are some links if you need some ideas!

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