Update #1: Reviewing and feedback

Good morning fellow adults! As you all know I am relaunching this podcast in January 2017! Only a month to go and I couldn’t be more excited!

I debated for a long time if I should take down my first few podcasts. I can’t bring myself to relisten to them because over the year I’ve become more comfortable in front of the mic and those first episode are living proof of my novice status. But I’ve decided to set aside my tiny ego and leave them up for posterity. They are still getting traffic and I know they are helpful!

I would love if I could get some critiques of the podcasts that are currently up so moving forward I know what to work on. I want to make sure the relaunch is a success in that I don’t cringe at relistening to them. I also want a solid product for you! I can’t be helpful moving forward if the product isn’t good. That’s just a fact.

So this month I am asking anyone stumbling to this blog to take a listen to one or more of last years podcasts. You don’t have to review it on iTunes, but you can comment here! You could also email me at learntoadult@gmail.com. I am eager to hear what you have to say and will respond to everyone the writes to me. Your opinions are 100% valued!

Also, if you have any episode suggestions or ideas for the podcast or just something you’d like to hear, let me know that as well. You guys are all amazing! I will be blogging more this month as the relaunch gets closer. Not only updates, but also some helpful posts for adulting in this holiday season.

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