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State of the Podcast August 2017

Hello, my fellow adultlings!

Wow it has been a long summer for me. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of this summer hiatus I took. Between medical emergencies and a busy schedule, I needed some time to recalibrate and get myself back into gear. So here I am! I am ready to get up and running again!

I will be moving to a once a month schedule. This is going to make the content stronger and also keep me from stretching the idea to thin. I can tackle bigger topics for longer if I have some more time to prepare them. This will be beneficial to everyone, I promise!

I have missed you guys terribly and I cannot wait to just back into it! Please let me know if you have any ideas you would like me to cover! I am going to kick off me big return with a redo of one of my first topics: starting a workout routine.

So I will see you all in October and I look forward to teaching you all how to adult again! YAY!