Monthly Archives: January 2017

A quick thank you

I wanted to thank all the people sending emails, retweeting, and (most importantly) listening to my podcast.

I’m so glad for positive response I’ve received for the episodes so far! Some great episodes are lined up and I think you will all really love them.

Mini challenge: Tweet or email someone about something of theirs you enjoy. Could be a friend’s art, a stranger’s YouTube page, or your mom’s Etsy page. Share their Facebook post about an upcoming gig, even if you don’t know them that well. It’s an awesome good deed and is something I don’t think enough people do. It’s quick and easy, but also makes someone’s day.

Have a great Thursday everyone! You guys rock!

Pinterest Board!

Hey adultlings!! For you folks in Pinterest, I have started a board with links to some supplementary material and info for each week’s podcast! So if you are a Pinner, give the board a follow! Here is the link!

And if you aren’t on Pinterest, or are morally objected to it like I used to be, I will still share things here and on Twitter as well! So follow on Twitter or Pinterest for all kinds of awesome info! You are all awesome!

Brrrr! Baby it sure is cooooold out there!

Hey adultlings! I hope your new year is off to a great start! This weekend is a cold one for some many of us but don’t let that keep you from continuing with your resolutions. If you are trying to work out more, the gym is usually less inhabited because people are cozy in their homes. Be a beast and get out there any way! I know it is also hard to keep to that diet while you sit at home and want to snack or fill up on comfort food. Don’t make yourself miserable, but also don’t use the weather as an excuse to slack off this weekend!

I know you are all doing awesome! I just wanted to pop in and tell you I believe in you!

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